Celina Collot is a French-Mexican filmmaker, photographer, and creative director based in Berlin. Her diverse upbringing between the US and Mexico gives her a unique cultural perspective that permeates her work. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Language and Production from Mexico and has further specialized in video production in Switzerland.
Celina's multidisciplinary approach spans fashion, music, and contemporary art, driven by a passion for experimentation and creative fluidity. She has collaborated with London-based musicians such as Josh Caffe and Chi Virgo, and worked with renowned international fashion brands like Adidas, as well as local brands in Mexico, London, and Berlin.
Her work often merges different mediums, techniques, and technologies to create imagery that blurs the line between reality and imagination. Traversing the intricate realms of human complexity and ephemeral phenomena through the lens of various artistic disciplines. This approach aims to foster connections that transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, sparking dialogue and encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences.
Ultimately, Celina is dedicated to telling stories and prompting change through her visionary creations, inviting audiences to explore new perspectives and possibilities within the human experience​ in both the art world and commercial sectors.
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